History of Alcohol

Alcohol Dependency: It’s Been A Problem For Centuries

Alcohol, also referred to as ethanol, is the liquid that people drink, especially in social gatherings. The consumption of alcohol dates back ten thousand years ago when fruit juice, grain, and honey mixtures were used to create an alcoholic beverage. Most alcocoholics report consuming alcohol at an early age. Whether it was from an uncle or at a family wedding event.

Alcohol In History

In history, there are a lot of evidence pointing to alcohol and wine drinking.

  • In China, drinking of alcohol beverages was noted in 7000 B.C.
  • As early as 2700 B.C., Babylonians were known to pray to a wine goddess.
  • There are reading materials found in Ancient Greek literature that feature the abuse of alcohol.
  • Roman emperors were also excessive alcohol drinkers, that would always cause violent behaviors.

Alcohol In The Present Day Setting

Today, people continue to enjoy different types of alcohol. Sharing drinks with family, friends, and colleagues are never forgotten on special occasions. In fact, it has never been absent in celebrations and socializations. Today, however, people have already abused the alcohol consumption and millions have already become alcohol dependent.

  • In the U.S., there are approximately 17.6 million who are suffering from alcohol addiction. One-third of this population are 679,000 adolescents between the ages 12 and 17, and 20 percent of college students already have alcohol use disorder (AUD). The sad part is that only a tiny portion of this population receive proper treatment.
  • Almost 88,000 individuals die from alcohol-related incidents and diseases annually. Approximately 1,825 students between ages 18 and 24 undergo alcohol-related injuries year after year. These incidents are often unintentional but fatal, and most are vehicular accidents.
  • In every 4 college students, 1 is reported to get academic consequences due to excessive alcohol consumption. Among these include poor attendance in class, low grades in exams, and late submissions of required paper works. Falling behind in class is expected in students who are suffering from AUD.

Alcoholism and Family Relationship

It is normal for people to drink alcohol once in a while. However, the abuse of the alcoholic beverage leads to a lot of negative effects, especially within the family. Sadly, it is the wives, girlfriends, and children who are the most often receivers of many alcohol-related cases of abuse. This is a great resource, “Alcohol detox things to know“.

Moreover, due to violent behaviors caused by excessive alcohol intake, couples almost always end up in divorce. Studies have even shown that 50 percent of marriages have heavy drinker partners are most of them end up in divorce.

Equally shocking is that 70 percent of those who are suffering from dependency abuse their children. In the long run, the act causes terrible emotional and psychological problems to children. Children who grow up with an alcoholic parent, according to studies, are 3 to 4 times more likely to follow the parent’s footstep and become alcoholic as well.

Emotional problems begin to set in including feelings of guilt, shame, insecurity, and issues of trust. In the worse scenario, these children isolate themselves from family and peers.

Alcoholism and the Society

Alcoholism is not only causing danger within the family. The detrimental effects can also be felt in the society at large. Alcohol dependence may be linked to social problems, which could include sexual assaults or rape cases, vehicular accidents, and road rage incidents.

The needed help is available and individuals who need it just has to submit to the program whole-heartedly. There is a solution, it is never too late.